Much Ado About Nothing: Act Three

A quiz on Act Three of Much Ado About Nothing.

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1. What do the women think Beatrice will never do?

  • Admit the true worth of men
  • Admit to being a virgin
  • Admit loving Benedick
  • Admit to wetting the bed
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2. Where is Don Pedro going to go when Claudio and Hero are married?

  • Agrigento
  • Grosetto
  • Arragon
  • Pescara

3. Who is the deputy in the Town Watch?

  • Dogberry
  • Seacoal
  • Verges
  • Oatcake

4. Who does Benedick talk to in private?

  • Don John
  • Leonato
  • Don Pedro
  • Claudio

5. What do Claudio and Don Pedro plan to do if Hero is being unfaithful?

  • Shame her
  • They won't do anything
  • Kill her
  • Banish her


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