Much Ado About Nothing: Act Three

A quiz on Act Three of Much Ado About Nothing.

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1. What is wrong with Beatrice on Hero's wedding day?

  • She hates weddings
  • She's sick
  • She's injured
  • She hates Claudio
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2. What does Beatrice decide to do?

  • Ignore Benedick
  • Return Benedick's love
  • Be upfront with Benedick
  • Turn Benedick down

3. What qualities does Beatrice have that the women express concern about?

  • Wrath and scorn
  • Pride and scorn
  • Pride and jealousy
  • Wrath and jealousy

4. What does Benedick not change?

  • His outlook
  • His appearance
  • His voice
  • His demeanor

5. What do the women think Beatrice will never do?

  • Admit the true worth of men
  • Admit loving Benedick
  • Admit to wetting the bed
  • Admit to being a virgin


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