Mr Pip and An Inspector Calls

Hopefully this is a detailed quiz just to go over the facts, themes and characters in an inspector calls and mr pip. There are 30 questions, so refresh it a couple of times for some more questions!1

enjoy and hope it helps!

sorry for the spelling mistakes!!

1. Which of these is a key theme in the novel?

  • Ignorance
  • Innocence
  • Australia in the 1990's
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2. What are dogs used as a metaphor for in the book?

  • Jones used the extended metaphor of dogs and how they act and are treated to show the ignorance of the villagewrs in comparrison to the reader.
  • to show the innocence of the villagers on the island in comparrison to the redskins
  • to show the ignorance of all the characters- the children, the villagers, the rebels and redskins.

3. which is a theme in the novel?

  • the theme of memories and fragments
  • the theme of leaving
  • the theme of poverty

4. whats a mouthpiece?

  • when a playwright adds an aditional speakers character to portray audience views.
  • when a playwright airs thier view to their audience through a character.
  • a line a character says in a play to end an act

5. whos baby is Evas?

  • Mr Birlings
  • Eric
  • Gerald


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