Mr Pip and An Inspector Calls

Hopefully this is a detailed quiz just to go over the facts, themes and characters in an inspector calls and mr pip. There are 30 questions, so refresh it a couple of times for some more questions!1

enjoy and hope it helps!

sorry for the spelling mistakes!!


1. what does matilda whisper at the dickens exebition

  • I have met mr dicken and this is not him
  • wow
  • my name is pip is the best line in liturature
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2. Why at first do the children call mr watts 'popeye'?

  • because the children never saw him smile
  • because of the way his eyes popped out of his head
  • because of how his apperance was so different to that of any one else in the village

3. why are the stage directions so precise?

  • becaus priestly had OCD, so was very picky
  • so that directors cannot change the story, so priestlys original ideas are still portrayed.
  • because priestly was selfish and wanted all the credit

4. what is suggested in the line: a window opens and a bird flys out?

  • the freedom the islander have
  • that when there is oppotunity, the islanders know to take it.
  • that there is rich wildlife on the island

5. whos baby is Evas?

  • Eric
  • Gerald
  • Mr Birlings


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