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2. What's unusual about the percussion section

  • They need 3 players
  • There are only Timpanis
  • There isn't one.
  • They have a cymbal part

3. What Cadence and key does this mov. finish on?

  • G minor, Interrupted
  • G major, Perfect
  • G major, Imperfect
  • G minor, Imperfect
  • G minor, Plagal
  • G major, Plagal
  • G minor, Perfect
  • G major, Interrupted

4. State 2 ways Mozart increases tension in the bridge/transition?

  • Diminuendo, Timpani play
  • Full orchestra with horns, strong sfz
  • Plays quieter, violins use trem.
  • I would answer but I can't even be bothered to guess

5. Name the three sections in sonata form, in order.

  • Exposition, development, Coda
  • Exposition, Development, Recapitulation
  • Intro, chorus, outro
  • Exposition, Recapitulation, Development


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