Motor Pathways

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1. Rhythmic movements, such as locomotion or chewing, are produced by?

  • Central pattern generators (CPGs)
  • All three
  • Descending motor pathways
  • Cranial nerve and spinal nerve reflexes
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2. The stretch reflex is a?

  • Postural reflex
  • Protective reflex

3. Which of these is not a function of the descending motor pathways?

  • To alter the strength of reflexes
  • To transmit sensory information to the cerebral cortex
  • To activate motor units

4. Which of these is false when considering lateral descending motor pathways?

  • The terminations are focused on contralateral lateral interneurones and motorneurones
  • They descend in the contralateral lateral funiculus
  • They have a function in fine, independent dexterity
  • They have a greater effect on extensors than flexors
  • They control muscle groups in the limbs, mainly the distal parts

5. Which of these is not a way in which motor units can be activated?

  • Descending motor pathways
  • Spontaneously
  • Spinal nerve reflexes
  • Cranial nerve reflexes


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