Module 2 - Metallic Mineral Deposits

Continuing with my key terms.

These aren't all of them, but these are the ones that could be most tricky.

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Natural Resource
Is a useful and valuable natural material
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The amount of the resource that can be extracted at a profit using existing technology
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Ore deposit
Is an accumulation of metal in average continental crust
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Average crustal abundance
Describes the amount of metal in average continental crust
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Concentration Factor
Is the amount by which the metal is concentrated to make an ore deposit.
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Is the amount of metal in the ore
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Cut-off grade
Is the minimum grade that is economic to mine
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Is a low-value waste mineral (For example quartz or calcite)
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Hydrothermal Fluid
Is a hot, aqueous fluid containing dissolved metals in solution
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Cumulate layer
Is the layer of dense minerals formed by gravity settling at the base of an intrusion
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Magmatic segregation
Occurs when ore minerals become separated and concentrated during cooling and crystallisation of magma; a type of differentiation
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Describes liquids that do not mix
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Is a red tropical soil made of hydrated iron and aluminium oxides
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Is where the material is scraped or sucked from the river or sea bed.
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Hydraulic mining
Is the use of high-pressure water jets to dislodge material
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Secondary enrichment
Occurs when metals are leached from surface rocks and precipitated just below the water table
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Is where elements are dissolved from rocks and carried downwards in solution
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Is an insoluble cap of iron oxides at the surface
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Describes the oxygen-rich conditions, allowing elements to combine with oxygen to form oxides.
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Describes the oxygen-poor, anoxic conditions
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Is a large igneous intrusion below a volcano with a porphyritic texture
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Are the fine-grained waste produced during mineral processing
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In Situ
Means "in place", with no transport having occured
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Pregnant solution
A metal-laden solution produced by In-Situ or heap leaching
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The amount of the resource that can be extracted at a profit using existing technology

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Ore deposit


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