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2. What is the definition of health?

  • State of mental physical and social wellbeing with the presence of disease
  • State of mental physical and social well-being not just the absence of disease.
  • State of physical well being without illness or disease.

3. If the primary defence doesn't work what secondary defence can be used?

  • Phagocytes
  • Antibodies
  • Goblet Cells

4. Where do malarial parasites go once in the liver ?

  • The plasmodium migrates to the liver and then lives in the red blood cells in the infected host.
  • It lives in the hosts kidney and then lives in the white blood cells of the infected host.

5. A mosquito sucks blood from an infected person and bites an uninfected person and transfer the infectious plasmodium What is this an example of?

  • A disease being transmitted
  • A disease being migrated
  • A disease being transferred


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