Module 1 Biological Molecules

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1. What does the attachment of a non competitive inhibitor to an enzyme molecule do?

  • Changes the primary structure
  • Changes the tertiary structure
  • Changes secondary structure
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2. What type of molecule carried chemical groups between enzymes to link together enzyme controlled reactions?

  • Co-enzymes
  • Prosthetic groups
  • Inorganic ion co factors

3. What doe a competitive inhibitor do to the enzymes rate of reaction?

  • Decrease rate of reaction
  • Increase rate of reaction

4. What changes the tertiary structure of an enzyme so that it cannot function and its function cannot be restored?

  • Denaturation
  • Ionic Bonds
  • Hydrogen Bonds

5. What type of inhibitors can permanently bind enzyme molecules?

  • Non competitive inhibitor
  • Competitive inhibitor


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