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2. The WMM explains how it is possible to...

  • Prevent decaying memories
  • See things in your mind
  • Do 2 tasks at once
  • Hear things

3. Which parts of the brain are active when doing LTM tasks and STM tasks?

  • LTM = Hippocampus STM= Prefrontal Cortex
  • LTM= Brain STM= Heart
  • LTM = Prefrontal Cortex STM= Hippocampus
  • LTM= Archaic Loop STM= Sensory Store

4. Evidence for the WMM is...

  • Official statistics
  • Brain damaged patients (LH)
  • Hospital reports
  • Road accidents

5. How are long term memories encoded?

  • Semantically
  • How it sounds
  • Acoustically
  • Verbally


Emilie Toomey

Great quiz, I got 9/10 :)

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