Models of Memory

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1. The Articulatory Loop….

  • Converts auditory information into visual information
  • Allows words that are heard or seen to be stored through repeating them outloud
  • Allows words that are heard or seen to be stored through rehearsal (silently repeating them)
  • Temporarily stores words that are heard or seen until the mind is taken off the subject
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2. The WMM explains how it is possible to...

  • Hear things
  • Prevent decaying memories
  • Do 2 tasks at once
  • See things in your mind

3. The Visuo-spatial Sketchpad….

  • Draws images in your head
  • Flashes images in your mind for you to remember them
  • Sets up mental images for planning spatial tasks, stores visual and spatial information, and organises information visually
  • Sets up audio information to be repeated silently for more permanent storage

4. Which of these are evaluation points of research into the memory?

  • They don't take into account age differences
  • They are unambiguous and gender bias
  • They are unrealistic & doesn't take into account individual differences
  • The are unethical and we cannot be sure of cause and effect

5. What are the 3 permanent structures of the MSM?

  • Sensory Memory, Short term memory & Long term memory
  • Long term memory, Phonological loop & Sensory store
  • Central executive, Visuospatial sketch pad & Phonological store
  • Long term memory, Short term memory, and Central executive


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