Models of Memory

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1. Which of these are evaluation points for the MSM?

  • STM is too simple, Evidence for MSM is fake, Unambiguous
  • Not enough research into the LTM, STM isn't correctly researched, isn't enough research into the sensory store
  • Too simplistic, rehearsal is not the only way to transfer memories & focusses too much on structure and not enough on process
  • Information can't be processed through senses only, not enough research into the process of rehearsal, focusses too much on STM
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2. How are long term memories encoded?

  • How it sounds
  • Acoustically
  • Semantically
  • Verbally

3. Evidence for the WMM is...

  • Hospital reports
  • Official statistics
  • Brain damaged patients (LH)
  • Road accidents

4. The Eposodic Buffer...

  • Creates long term memories which may not have actually happened (de ja vu)
  • Intergrates the information from the central executive and the slaves stores as well as the long term memory
  • Takes over the tasks of the central executive
  • Buffs information which is decaying to bring back the memories

5. The Multi-store Model was developed by...

  • Atkinson & Shiffrin
  • Rappaports
  • Baddeley & Hitch
  • Loftus & Palmer


Emilie Toomey

Great quiz, I got 9/10 :)

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