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2. The following components are identified in which model? Display, receptor systems, perceptual mechanism, translatory mechanism, output, feedback.

  • Whiting
  • Welford

3. When is feedback received by the performer?

  • During the course of the movement and as a result of it
  • As a result of the movement
  • During the course of the movement
  • All the time including when not performing

4. Which is the correct way to order the stages of information processing?

  • Stimulus (input), stimulus identification, response selection, response programming, movement (output)
  • Stimulus (input), stimulus identification, response programming, response selection, movement (output)

5. a) intrinsic b) extrinsic c) feedback from internal proprioceptors about the feel of the movement d) feedback from sources such as teacher, coach, team mates

  • a + c, b + d
  • a + d, b + c


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