Models of information processing - Welford/Whiting

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1. What is proprioception?

  • The information received by the performer during the course of the movement and as a result of it
  • The sense that allows us to know what position out body is in, what our muscles and joints are doing and to feel things involved in our performance
  • The process which involves the interpretation of information
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2. Who said that models should be seen as being dynamic?

  • Whiting
  • Welford

3. What are the two major types of feedback?

  • Positive and negative
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic
  • Internal and external

4. a) intrinsic b) extrinsic c) feedback from internal proprioceptors about the feel of the movement d) feedback from sources such as teacher, coach, team mates

  • a + c, b + d
  • a + d, b + c

5. Which is the correct way to order the stages of information processing?

  • Stimulus (input), stimulus identification, response selection, response programming, movement (output)
  • Stimulus (input), stimulus identification, response programming, response selection, movement (output)


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