Models of memory: The Multi-Store model

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1. What is the coding, capacity and duration of STM in the multi-store model?

  • Acoustic, 18-30 seconds and around 5 to 9 items
  • Acoustic, unlimited and unlimited
  • Semantic, unlimited and unlimited
  • Semantic, 18-30 seconds and around 5 to 9 items
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2. A limitation of the multi-store model is that there are two types of rehearsal, what did Craik and Watkins find these two types to be?

  • Consolidating rehearsal and elaborative rehearsal
  • Maintenance rehearsal and Elaborative rehearsal
  • Maintenance rehearsal and immediate rehearsal

3. What did research into KF show?

  • That there must be more than one type of short term memory
  • That there is only one type of short term memory
  • That there are hundreds of different types of short term memory

4. Who devised the multi-store model of memory?

  • Miller
  • Atkinson and Shiffrin
  • Baddeley and Hitch
  • Zimbardo

5. What are the main stores in the sensory register in the multi-store model?

  • Iconic memory and echoic memory
  • Spatial memory and iconic memory
  • Spatial memory and echoic memory
  • Iconic memory and spatial memory


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