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Moby Technological effects
Electronic whisperings. EQ effect. Echo-canons. Delay. Reverb. Untidy vocal sample.
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Moby Technology/ Instruments
Series of synthesizers and keyboards. Drum machine. Synth pads. Sampler.
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Moby Texture
Homophonic throughout
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Moby Dynamics
Quiet opening and ending. Verses- mf. Chorus-f-loudest part of the song
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Moby Tempo/metre
Tempo does not change (98 bpm). Metre does not change- 4/4 throughout
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Moby Harmony/chords
3 chord sequences. Mixture of maj/min chords. Minor in verse. Major 'feel' in chorus. Tonality- Cmaj/Amin. Chords- either static using synth pads, or broken using piano sound/ keyboard. Sus2 and Sus4 used. Verses- Dorian mode on A. Diatonic.
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Moby Rhythm
Syncopated feel to melodies especially at ends of abrs. Hip-hop beat, emphasis on offbeats. Loop- recorded same idea over and over. Drum machine provides rhythm. Repeated semi-quavers on shaker.
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Moby Melody
2 samples- gospel choir song. Repeated with electronic effects added. Untidy samples providing texture. EQ male singer. Delay reverb electronic-whisperings echo-canons counter-melody call and response
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Moby Context
Album Play- 1999. Song reached No. 16 in UK charts. Club dance track.
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Moby Chord Sequences
1- Am Am Em Em G G D D. 2a- C C Am Am C C Am Am. 2b- F F C C F F C C.
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Moby Structure
A1 (piano) A2 (voice) A3 (drums, string-synth sountermelody) A4 (bass, held string-synth chords) A5 (syncopated piano chords) Bx1 Bx2 A6 A7 Breakdown (bars silence) Bx2 (piano and drums drop out) By2 (piano and drums enter) By3 (piano and drums go)A8
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Moby Technology/ Instruments


Series of synthesizers and keyboards. Drum machine. Synth pads. Sampler.

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Moby Texture


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Moby Dynamics


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Moby Tempo/metre


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