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2. What is the second phrase of Mitosis?

  • Telophrase
  • Metaphrase
  • Prophrase
  • Anaphrase

3. What is the first stage of mitosis?

  • Interphrase
  • Anaphrase
  • Telophrase
  • Cytokinesis

4. What other things is mitosis used for?

  • Asexual reproduction and production of cells.
  • your hair roots growing
  • Repair of hair roots and stomach
  • Bone marrow healing

5. In what order are the stages of mitosis?

  • Cytokinesis,Metaphrase,Anaphrase,Interphrase,Prophrase,Telophrase
  • Interphrase,Prophrase,Anaphrase,Telophrase,Cytokinesis
  • Interphrase,Prophrase,Metaphrase,Anaphrase,Telophrase,Cytokinesis
  • Prophrase,Anaphrase,Metaphrase,Telophrase,Interphrase


ollie wieland


the right answer for Q5 isn't there. it should be 23 pairs because you have 46 chromosomes overall.

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