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1. What happens in cykinosis?

  • This isn't even a stage.
  • The cytoplasm of the cell is cleaved in half.
  • The chromosomes uncoil and a new nuclear envelope forms. The spindle fibres disappear.
  • The centromeres divide.
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2. Is mitiosis sexual or asexual?

  • Asexual
  • I don't know
  • Sexual
  • Both

3. What is the first stage of mitosis?

  • Cytokinesis
  • Metaphase
  • Interphase
  • Prophase

4. Is this animal or plant cells: When mitosis occurs, only the same type of cell can form.

  • Animal Cell
  • Neither, this is incorrect
  • Plant Cell
  • Both

5. In which phase do the chromosomes line up?

  • Interphase
  • Metaphase
  • Cytokinesis
  • Telephase


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