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1. MITCH - What repairs did they make?

  • Repairs to shelters, supermarkets, roads, schools and clinics - created jobs
  • Repairs to schools, homes, infrastructure, clinics - created jobs
  • Gave money to public to make their own repairs
  • Repairs to hospitals, apartment blocks, bridges, etc - created jobs
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2. When did Hurricane Mitch make landfall?

  • 7 January
  • 29 Oct
  • 1 May
  • 30 Nov

3. MITCH- How did they fund immediate emergency supplies?

  • They made the supplies
  • Emergency aid from multinationally - NGO's and governments
  • From the monkeys
  • Government funded

4. What is the difference between hurricanes in HICs and LICs

  • Shelters, food and medicine needed in LICs but not in HICs
  • better technology, money and resources means wide spread evacuation, satellite imagery, no need for international aid, temporary accomodation
  • LICs don't receive international aid, rely on their own government
  • No difference

5. Which countries did Mitch affect?

  • Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Florida
  • Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala
  • El Salvador, Nicaragua, Belize, Panama
  • USA, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala


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