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1. What 3 things does Hume use to argue against miracles?

  • Human testimony, different traditions, owning a cat
  • Being over 18, owning a cat, being drunk
  • Different traditions, insufficient evidence, human testimony
  • Insufficient evidence, the person being a woman, different traditions
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2. What two ways are cited to defend miracles?

  • Defending them as symbolic stories and defending literal belief in miracles
  • Defending them wholly
  • Defending them on theological grounds and defending them scientifically
  • Rejecting them on theological grounds and defending them scientifically

3. What does Maurice Wiles believe?

  • He rejects miracles because the people were drunk
  • He accepts miracles because they're in the Bible
  • He rejects miracles on moral grounds
  • He accepts miracles on moral grounds

4. Miracles are divided into what 3 sections?

  • Healings, exorcisms and nature miracles
  • Conversions, exorcisms and healings
  • Visions, voices and healings
  • Exorcisms, levitating, resurrection

5. Who are the 4 people that response to Hume's thinking?

  • Swinburne, Hick, Dawkins, Davis
  • Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
  • Flew, Lewis, Swinburne, Polkinghorne
  • Flew, Wiles, Swinburne, Lewis


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