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2. Where does Mill say 'it is desirable, in short that in things which do not concern others, individuality should assert itself'?

  • III
  • II

3. Why is individuality important to society?

  • it is 'quite the chief ingredient of individual and social progress'
  • we need odd people to challenge custom

4. Which of the following is not a reason Mill gives for why we should not stifle opinion?

  • it may be true but 'if it is not fully, frequently and fearlessly discussed, it will be held as dead dogma, not a living truth'
  • it may be true but the real meaning may be lost 'deep slumber of decided opinion'
  • most views hold part of the truth but not all and need combining with others
  • suppression only encourages heresy
  • it may be true 'it is complete freedom to refute which allows us to assume its truth for the purposes of action'

5. Where does Mill use the phrase 'despotism of custom'?

  • III
  • IV


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