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2. The pps thought that the victim was willing to take part and that his position was down to chance so..

  • This lead to higher levels of obedience
  • This lead to lower obedience
  • This had nothing to do with the levels of obedience

3. How did Milgram try to convince his pps that the electric shocks were real?

  • He didn't
  • He gave them a real 45 volt shock
  • He got an actor to scream when administered with a shock
  • He simply told them that it was real

4. What was the role of the learner?

  • They had to memorise word lists and recall them, they received the electric shocs
  • They had to teach the pps word lists
  • To administer the electric shocks
  • They had to learn how to use how to use the generator

5. What voltage did the first rebelling teacher stop at?

  • 150 volts
  • 450 volts
  • 210 volts
  • 300 volts


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