Milgram's study of obedience

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1. What was Milgram's two other variations

  • Both of these
  • To move the victim closer to the pps
  • To use two conflicting experimenters with one telling the pps to continue and another telling them to stop
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2. Which variation had the least effect on obedience?

  • When the envirnoment was changed
  • When there were rebelling confederates
  • When the experimenter wasn't in the room
  • Moving the victim closer

3. In one of his variations, what did Milgram do to try to stop the context effects of Yale?

  • He held the study in a low key laboratory
  • He changed the conntext to being held in an office
  • He still held it at Yale but in an artificial office
  • He didn't change the context

4. What happened at 270 volts?

  • The learner started to scream with agony
  • The learner complained about his heart
  • The learner began to wail
  • The leaner stopped responding

5. What undermined this informed consent?

  • The fact that Milgram published the pps names when they had not agreed to this
  • The fact that Milgram deceived pps so they didn't in fact agree to what they were going to do
  • The fact that Milgram used an actor


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