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2. Which of these best describes the generator that the pps saw?

  • A long counter with an array of switches in a row and then at the end an impressive looking machine. The switches were labelled from 15 volts to 450 volts and above some of the switches were comments such as "slight shock" and "danger"
  • A generator with a button that when pressed increased the voltage by 15 volts
  • There wasn't one, the pps gave verbal orders for the voltage to increase

3. How many of the men continued to the end of the study?

  • 17 out of 40
  • 30 out of 40
  • 26 out of 40
  • 38 out of 40

4. What did Milgram think about the perceived cause of the study in relation to the high levels of obedience?

  • That the cause seemed legitamate and so this could be a possible reason why the levels of obedience were so high
  • That the purpose of the study would have seemed ridiculous in relation to the method of the study
  • That it had no relevance whatsoever to the results

5. What did the participant do at 150 volts?

  • When asked "are you okay?" replied no
  • Said that the shocks were painful and that he did not want to continue
  • Started to scream with agony
  • Started to scream "get me out!"


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