Milgram's Study of Destructive Obedience

1. How was obedience operationalised?

  • How long it took for them to give each voltage
  • The voltage the participants went up to
  • How participants reacted to shocking the learner
  • How many times participants shocked the learner
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2. Which of these wasn't given as a reason for the high levels of obedience?

  • The aim of the study appeared worthwhile
  • Features of the design such as payment increase the feeling of obligation
  • The learner appeared to comfortable until 315V
  • The participants were assured that the shocks weren't dangerous
  • The participants right to withdraw wasn't obvious due to continually prompts to continue
  • The teacher has volunteered so has an obligation the experimenter
  • The study was carried out in the respectable environment of a university

3. In what increments did the voltage increase by?

  • 15V
  • 25V
  • 10V
  • 20V

4. What is destructive obedience?

  • Having to harm someone in order to help someone else
  • Following orders even if they cause harm to yourself
  • Following orders that you require you to harm someone/a number of people
  • Follows orders that require you to destroy something/s

5. How many participants took part in the study?

  • 54 Men and Women
  • 40 Men and Women
  • 40 Men
  • 54 Men


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