Milgram study of obedience 1963

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1. What was the non-naive participant called? what part did he play?

  • the confederate who was the experimenter
  • The confederate participant who always got the role of the learner
  • The confederate who played the teacher
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2. What DID NOT happen after Milgrams study?

  • People were monitored to check their obedience before employed in certain professions
  • ethical guidelines were set up
  • the participants were debriefed and offered counselling
  • Milgram appologised to his participants

3. How many participants took part? How many were male?

  • 40 Volunteers, all male
  • 40 volunteers, 30 male
  • 50 volunteers, 50 male

4. What kind of study was this?

  • lab experiment, with voluneer sample
  • natural experiment, with volunteer sample
  • case study

5. What is the autonomous state ?

  • When a person is in control and feels responsible for their behaviour
  • When someone is an agent to someones orders
  • When someone feels they are not responsible for their behaviour


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