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2. Which of the following was NOT a prompt used by the investigator?

  • Continue if you want.
  • It is essential that you continue.
  • You must continue.

3. How did Orne and Holland criticise Milgram?

  • His experiment created many doubts about American morals.
  • He had no validity because 75% of the participants claim they knew the shocks were fake and went along anyway.
  • His experiment violated almost all the ethical guidelines.

4. What % went to 450V?

  • 65%
  • 100%
  • 33%
  • 80%

5. When Milgram moved from Yale to a rundown office, what did he find?

  • Obedience decreased (to 48%)
  • Obedience increased (to 90%)
  • The results did not change


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