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2. What did the confederate wear?

  • Causal
  • Grey technician's coat
  • Shirt and tie
  • White laboratory coat

3. How was the experiment advertised to participants?

  • Television broadcast
  • Radio advert
  • Newspaper advert
  • University college notice board

4. Which separate prod was used if the participant asked if the learner could suffer permanent physical injury

  • Although the shocks may be painful, there is no permanent tissue damage, so please go on
  • This is painful however will not cause death, so please go on
  • It is not your responsibility, so please go on
  • The participant volunteered to take part which means you do not have to concern yourself with the damage, so please go on

5. What percentage of participants carried on to the full 450V?

  • 28%
  • 65%
  • 57%
  • 13%


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