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2. Which separate prod was used if the participant asked if the learner could suffer permanent physical injury

  • The participant volunteered to take part which means you do not have to concern yourself with the damage, so please go on
  • This is painful however will not cause death, so please go on
  • Although the shocks may be painful, there is no permanent tissue damage, so please go on
  • It is not your responsibility, so please go on

3. What percentage of participants carried on to the full 450V?

  • 65%
  • 13%
  • 57%
  • 28%

4. What was the average voltage given?

  • 368V
  • 309V
  • 392V
  • 424V

5. What did the voltage increase by at each interval?

  • 20V
  • 15V
  • 10V
  • 5V


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