Midwifery Knowledge and Research

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A methodology in research is...
A set of pinciples that directs research
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A quantitative methodology...
Is only concerned with phemonema that can be objectively measured
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This is NOT a key feature of quantitative research...
The results must only be clealry described in words
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Case control studies...
Are a type of observational study
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Null hypothesis testing is...
where a statement is made about there 'no difference' between groups
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An aim is...
the overall/broad statement of what you intend to do
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The 'study sample'...
Participants drawn from the study population
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This is NOT one of the BradfordHill criteria for causation...
The triangulation of the relationship
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Reliability addresses whether...
Repeated measurement or assessment provide a consistent result given the same initial circumstances
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Main outcome for a study...
Primary outcome
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Validity in a study means...
The measurement tool measures what it is intended to measure
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A threat to the IV in a trial...
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The Hawthorne effect is...
The participant's response to being in a study
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A type 2 error is...
A false negative result
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Statistics that produce p values...
Inferential stats
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Baseline data is...
Data collected before intervention but after recruitment
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Which level of measurement has a fixed zero...
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Qualitiative research is useful when...
Little is known about a subject or problem
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Samples are usually...
Small in qual research
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Qualitative researchers believe that...
the social world is constructed thrugh human activity
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A methodological approach that studies the lived experience of individuals is...
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Qualitative samples...
Do not need t represent the population from which they came
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Strongest sampling strategy in qual research is...
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Sample size in qual research is best determined by...
Data saturation
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Purposive sampling involves....
Selecting Ps who can give most info
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An interview topic guide is...
A set of headings that guides the discussion
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Focus groups can be useful...
to encourage discussion about a topic
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Optimal size for a focus group...
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An audit trail is...
The decisions made by the researcher to reach the conclusions presented
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Trianguations involves...
Researching the topic from diff perspectives
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It is important to present quotes from...
A variety of Ps
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This is NEVER an aim of qual data analysis...
to attribute
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A quantitative methodology...


Is only concerned with phemonema that can be objectively measured

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This is NOT a key feature of quantitative research...


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Case control studies...


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Null hypothesis testing is...


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