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2. List the function of the pelvis

  • to help delivery a baby
  • To keep the body upright
  • To protect the reproductive organs, bladder and rectum to allow movement of the body.
  • to protect body organs

3. 4 ligaments of the pelvis

  • Sacroiliac Ligament,
  • Sacroiliac Ligament, Symphysis Pubis , Sacrotuberous sacrospinous
  • Sacroiliac Ligament, Symphysis Pubis , Sacrotuberous

4. Pelvis Outlet

  • Diamond shape, pubic bone
  • Diamond shape, pubic bone and sacrococcygeal joint
  • pubic bone and the sacral curve, all diameters 12cm

5. Three bones of the fetal skull

  • the face vault and base
  • the fave brim and occiput
  • pelvis coccyx and sacrum


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