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1. Why must the specimen must be very thin when using a light microscope?

  • To enable the light to travel through the cells
  • So the light can reflect off the specimen
  • To allow us to see through the specimen with our naked eye
  • So its easy to place in the microscope
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2. How can the magnification of an object be calculated?

  • size of image/ resolution
  • size of image/ size of object
  • resolution/ size of object
  • size of object/size of image

3. What is the magnification of a light microscope using visible light?

  • 1600x
  • 1500x
  • 1200x
  • 1400x

4. An advantage of the light microscope is that...

  • It is portable
  • Most internal cellular structures can be seen
  • It enables observation of a wide range of specimens
  • It has a very high resolution

5. What is resolution?

  • How many pixels the image has
  • The ability to distinguish between two separate points
  • The clarity of the image
  • How many times the image has been enlarged


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