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2. tuberculosis can affect which parts of the body:

  • all of the above
  • lung
  • bones
  • kindey
  • lymph nodes

3. which of these elements is not required during a viral infection?

  • energy such as GTP/ATP provided by the host cell
  • amino acids provided by the host cell
  • ribosomes provided by virus
  • genomic nucleic provided by virus
  • ribosomes provided by the host cell

4. secondary metabolism is induced when:

  • during exponential phase
  • the temp is raised
  • the culture growing rate decreases significantly
  • anaerobic conditions are imposed on the culture
  • the culture undergoes lysis

5. microbial polysaccharides are used as:

  • the major component of single cell protein production
  • medicines for treating heart attack patients
  • viscosity extenders in aqueous solution
  • antibiotics for treating infections
  • increasing the growth rate of infants


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