BMS1026 microbiology (tutorial questions)

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1. which of the following is TRUE?

  • mycobacterium tuberculosis is a protozoan
  • mycobacterium tuberculosis infection is most commonly asymptomativ
  • tb can be quickly treated by a course of antibiotics
  • vaccination against tb is effective in adults
  • mycobacterium tuberculosis is a fungus
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2. rickettsias are transmitted by:

  • air
  • arthropods
  • dogs
  • water
  • food

3. bacteriocidal agents

  • enhance bacterial growth
  • kill bacteria
  • inhibit bacterial growth
  • kill fungi

4. xerophiles are organisms that can survive under which conditions?

  • in saturated salt brines
  • in freezing environments
  • in dry environments
  • in sugar syrup
  • acidic conditions

5. secondary metabolism is induced when:

  • the temp is raised
  • the culture undergoes lysis
  • during exponential phase
  • the culture growing rate decreases significantly
  • anaerobic conditions are imposed on the culture


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