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2. gram positive bacteria cell wall has:

  • a thick layer of peptidoglycan
  • a periplasmic space
  • no cell membrane
  • no cell wall
  • a thin layer of peptidoglycan

3. if a virus goes through the lytic cycle, this means that?

  • the viral dna is replicated every time the host cell divides
  • the virus does not enter the host cell
  • the host cell can benefit from the virus's presence
  • the host cell is eventually killed
  • the viral dna is integrated into the hosts dna

4. resistance to penicillin occurs when?

  • the patient undergoes secondary metabolism
  • the patient synthesises an enzyme that breaks down the penicillin molecule
  • the pathogen synthesises an enzyme that breaks down the penicillin molecules
  • the patient is administered streptomycin at the same time
  • the pathogen multiples rapidly

5. microbial polysaccharides are used as:

  • the major component of single cell protein production
  • viscosity extenders in aqueous solution
  • medicines for treating heart attack patients
  • increasing the growth rate of infants
  • antibiotics for treating infections


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