BMS1026 microbiology (tutorial questions)

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1. which of the following is true

  • below the optimum growth temp the organism dies
  • the optimum growth temp is close to the mas growth temp
  • mesophiles dont grow but can survive at temps of 60c
  • the optimun growth temp is close to the min growth temp
  • the optimum growth temp of the organism is close to the average min and max temp
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2. feedback inhibition of amino acid biosynthesis can be overcome by biotin deficiency in the medium because:

  • the producing microorganism require biotin for a non-permeable cell membrane
  • biotin induces secondary metabolism
  • biotin blocks the regulatory site for the first enzyme in the biosynthetic pathway
  • biotin blocks unfavourable branches in metabolic pathways

3. amino acides can be over produced in bacteria by using:

  • auxotrophs
  • phototrophs
  • arthropods
  • autotrophs
  • heterotrophs

4. which of the following properties is least likely to be needed in order for foodborne microbes to establish disease in human host?

  • ability to survive high ph
  • ability to adhere to GI tract
  • ability to survive low ph
  • ability to compete with gut flora
  • production of toxins

5. which of the following is an important risk factor associated with listeria monocytogenes infection?

  • causes profuse diarrhoea, allowing disease to spread rapidly through pop
  • it spores germinates as food is cooling down, and toxins are produced by the resulting vegetative cells
  • pathogens become conc in filter feeding molluscs
  • growth is not inhibited at low temps, such as those used to refrigerate food
  • it survives in poorly bbq'ed meat as core temp is not hot enough to kill it


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