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2. an endemic disease is one that:

  • spreads rapidly in a short space of time
  • is constantly present
  • none of the above
  • occurs occasionally
  • a disease spread worldwide

3. influenza can adapt to the human host by:

  • human ingestion of contaminated chicken
  • acquiring human genes
  • reassortment of genome segments by an already adapted influenza A
  • non genetic adaption
  • acquiring bacterial genes

4. cytoplasmic streaming is:

  • a form of sexual reproduction in fungi
  • a process that was involved in the evolution of eukaryotic cells
  • how viral particles move around the human body
  • how fungi move nutrients and organelles through their hyphae
  • a form of asexual reproduction in fungi

5. feedback inhibition of amino acid biosynthesis can be overcome by biotin deficiency in the medium because:

  • the producing microorganism require biotin for a non-permeable cell membrane
  • biotin induces secondary metabolism
  • biotin blocks the regulatory site for the first enzyme in the biosynthetic pathway
  • biotin blocks unfavourable branches in metabolic pathways


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