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2. bacterial protein synthesis is inhibited by:

  • vancomycin
  • sulponamides
  • streptomycin
  • penicillin
  • rifamypicin

3. what does not occur during asexual reproduction processes within microorganisms?

  • apical growth
  • mitosis
  • budding
  • meiosis
  • binary fission

4. xerophiles are organisms that can survive under which conditions?

  • in dry environments
  • acidic conditions
  • in freezing environments
  • in saturated salt brines
  • in sugar syrup

5. aerotolerant organisms:

  • grows best at enriched atmospheric oxygen concs
  • are unaffected by oxygen concentration
  • are unable to grow when oxygen is present
  • grow best at atmospheric oxygen concs
  • grows best at reduced atmospheric oxygen concs


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