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2. the production principles for recombinant DNA-derived products are:

  • are dependent on biotin deficiency
  • dependent on pellet formation
  • requires anaerobic, followed by aerobic culture conditions
  • similar to those of secondary metabolites
  • similar to those of primary metabolites

3. which of the following is incorrect?

  • neisseria gonorrhoea translocates across the epithelial cells of mucus membranes
  • gonorrhoea is caused by a gram-negative rod shaper bacterium
  • gonorrhoea can cause a painful urethra
  • gonorrhoea can cause a disseminated infection
  • gonorrhoea can cause prostatitis

4. which animals are the most common carriers of E.Coli 0157?

  • cats
  • sheep
  • cows
  • pigs

5. resistance to penicillin occurs when?

  • the pathogen synthesises an enzyme that breaks down the penicillin molecules
  • the patient synthesises an enzyme that breaks down the penicillin molecule
  • the pathogen multiples rapidly
  • the patient is administered streptomycin at the same time
  • the patient undergoes secondary metabolism


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