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1. what is Peters Denial?

  • the way peter said he didn't know where jesus was when they were looking for him
  • the way peter said he was not a follower of jesus after jesus got arrested
  • the way peter said he hated jesus when jesus got arrested
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2. what is self- sacrifice?

  • putting other peoples needs in front of your own
  • dying for someone you love
  • putting God and your faith before yourself
  • giving up everything to follow God

3. the twelve

  • the twelve selected from the disciples to be Jesus' closest disciples
  • the twelve selected randomly to follow jesus
  • jesus only followers

4. who was levi?

  • a tax collector jesus called to be a disciple
  • a preist jesus liked
  • a tax collector who hated jesus

5. what is true family?

  • people in the church
  • those who follow the teachings of jesus
  • your brother, sister, mother, father etc
  • people you love


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