Methods of manipulating skills (practice)

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1. A tennis serve is practiced using part practice. What are examples of the separate parts?

  • all of these examples
  • grip and stance
  • back swing and ball toss
  • ball contact
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2. Whole practice is for skills high in organisation and low in complexity

  • True
  • False

3. Disadvantages of part practice are that

  • it is time consuming, transfer back to whole is difficult and kinaesthesis is lost
  • performer may be motivated by being good at some elements and gain confidence

4. Whole-part-whole practice allows performers to

  • gain kinaesthesis
  • practice skills that can't be broken down

5. The following disadvantage describes which method of practice? There are safety risks for dangerous skills.

  • Whole-part-whole practice
  • Whole practice
  • Part practice
  • Progressive part practice


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