Methods of manipulating skills (practice)

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1. Disadvantages of part practice are that

  • it is time consuming, transfer back to whole is difficult and kinaesthesis is lost
  • performer may be motivated by being good at some elements and gain confidence
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2. Part practice is good because it reduces perceptual load and

  • flow of skill isn't practiced
  • lessens fear and risk
  • takes longer than other methods

3. Part practice is when skills are broken down into parts, parts of practiced and perfected in isolation and then the skill is put back together again. What sort of skill would be practiced using part practice?

  • low organisation
  • high organisation
  • simple
  • complex

4. Progressive part practice might be used for trampoline routines.

  • True
  • False

5. A tennis serve is practiced using part practice. What are examples of the separate parts?

  • back swing and ball toss
  • all of these examples
  • grip and stance
  • ball contact


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