Methods of health promotion

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1. Which two approaches does this area of research take?

  • Social and Individual differences
  • Cognitive and social
  • Social and developmental
  • Cognitive and physiological
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2. Who studied media campaigns?

  • Baron-Cohen
  • Cowpe
  • Janis and Feshbeck
  • Dannenburg

3. What safety behaviour Dannenburg's study trying to promote?

  • Bicycle helmet use
  • Seat belt use
  • Crossing the road properly
  • Driving safely

4. Who studied fear arousal?

  • Freud
  • Cowpe
  • Janis and Feshbeck
  • Dannenburg

5. Which level of fear arousal proved to be the most effective in Janis and Feshbecks study?

  • No fear arousal
  • Moderate fear arousal
  • Minimal fear arousal
  • Strong fear arousal


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