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2. What can happen if an alkali metal reacts with an acid

  • a tree will fall down
  • it might explode
  • it will kill the metal
  • this test will be cancelled

3. Which group are alkali metals found in and in which column

  • left, group 1
  • right, group 1
  • right, group 2
  • left, group 2

4. What can we do to make the metal with water reaction safe

  • Use a small pice of metal in a large trough of water
  • Soak the metal in oil
  • Use a large piece of metal in a small trough of water
  • cut up the metal into tiny little pieces

5. What do metals that react with steam form

  • an acid and hydrogen
  • a hydroxide and hydrogen
  • an oxide and hydrogen
  • an alkali hydroxide and hydrogen


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