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2. How can the copper be purifed?

  • By electrolysis
  • By reduction of carbon
  • By reduction by iron
  • Through heating

3. Which of the following is NOT a step of phytomining?

  • Plants used to break the bonds of the copper compound and make a leachate solution
  • Plants absorb metal compounds
  • Plants are buried to produce ash
  • The ash is dissolved in sulphuric acid to make a solution

4. Why are alloys stronger than pure metals?

  • The metals are different sizes and therefore the layers cannot slide over each other
  • Some metals in the alloy are stonger than others compared to a pure metal
  • A pure metal is unreactive
  • Alloys are less dense compared to pure metals

5. Pure copper, gold, iron, aluminium are too soft, what are these metals mixed with to make them harder?

  • Small amounts of similar metals
  • Bigger amounts of a range of metals
  • Bigger amounts of similar metals
  • Small amounts of a range of metals


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