Meta Ethics

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What is Meta Ethics?
The analysis of ethical language
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What is Normative ethics?
Decides what is right and wrong and gives a guide for moral behaviour
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What does Cognitive mean?
A theory that moral values are derived from sense experience
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What does non-cognitive mean?
there is no ethical knowledge, because ethical statements cannot be proved true or false
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What is Ethical Naturalism?
all ethical statements are the same as non ethical ones and can therefore be verified or falsified
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What is Naturalistic Fallacy?
the claim that good cannot be defined
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What is Intuitionism?
a theory that moral truths are known by intuition
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What does G.E. Moores say about Intuitionism?
we cannot use our senses to tell whether something is good, but we can use our moral 'intuition'
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What does G.E. Moore say about 'what is good'?
Good is a simple unanlysable property
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What is G.E Moore's 'simple notion' ?
defining good is the same as defining the colour yellow, you cannot explain what yellow is but recognise it whenever it is seen, in the same way we know what good is but cannot define it
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What does H.A. Prichard say about Intuitionism?
Pritchard, like Moore believes we can recognise what is good. Everyone recognises when we 'ought' to do a certain action
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What are Prichard's two types of thinking?
Reason and Intuition. Reason looks at the facts of a situation and Intuion decides what to do
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What does W.D. Ross say about Intuitionism?
Ross agrees that 'good' is indefineable like Prichard and Moore, nut argues that there are certain types of actions that are obivously right, which he called Prima Facie duties
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What are Ross' Prima Facie duties?
1. Promise keeping, 2. Reparation, 3. Gratitude, 4. Justice, 5. Benefience, 6. Self Improvement and 7. Non malefience
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What is Emotivism?
a theory which says that moral statements are just expressions of feelings
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What does A.J Ayer say about Emotivism?
words like 'good' are meaningless, ethical statements are just expressions of feelings
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What does C.L Stevenson say about Emotivism?
When an individual is making a moral judgement, they are really just expressing their approval or disapproval
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What is Prescriptivism?
a theory that ethical statements have an intrinsic sense so other people should agree with the statement and follow it
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What does R.M Hare say about Prescriptivism?
ethical statements are expressions of opinions and are universal. They are not just expressing our views, but prescribing them to others which makes them universal
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What is Normative ethics?


Decides what is right and wrong and gives a guide for moral behaviour

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What does Cognitive mean?


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What does non-cognitive mean?


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What is Ethical Naturalism?


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