MEST 3 Examples

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1. Which doesn't relate to issues of Feminism

  • Urban Outfitters 'Suicidal Hair' product
  • KLTV (Los Angeles) News Repoter
  • Calvin Kleins 'I Flash in #MyCalvins'
  • House Of Cards 'Robin Wright demands equal pay'
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2. Which doesn't relate to an Issue of Postcolonialism

  • Michelle Obama on Vogue Magazine (April 2010).
  • Hollywood Reporter 19/158 Non White British faces.
  • Cilit Bang 32 women in Advert.
  • Scarlett Johanson playing Japanese character in Ghost In The Shell.

3. Which doesn't relate to News Agenda

  • Queens Birthday on every Major Newspaper bar Guardian
  • Rosie Lowe Describes a Misogynistic Music Industry
  • Hillsborough Disaster Verdict absent from Sun's first page.
  • Daily Mail reports on Charlotte Crosby in a 'Leggy' Jumpsuit

4. Which doesn't relate to issues of Male Gaze

  • Protein World (2015) 'Are You Beach Body Ready'
  • Kazam Mobile Phone advert (2015)
  • #OscarsSoWhite 2016
  • Barbies New Body, Mattel

5. Which doesn't relate to Media Effects

  • British Media responsible for rise in Islamophobia (Independent)
  • Does Screen Violence make society more violent- Will Self
  • BBC White paper demanding equal 50% roles to Females.
  • Protein World #BeachBodyReady Campaign (2015)


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