Mertons Strain Theory + Funct

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1. Winning the game according to merton is

  • as important as playing by the rules
  • more important than playing by the rules
  • less important than playing by the rules
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2. according to merton american society puts..... on people to deviate by its focus on success at any price

  • deviance
  • credit
  • pressure
  • bad

3. the unequal class structure.... peoples attempts to reach goals so they achieve them legitimately

  • blocked
  • allowed
  • success

4. marxists believe laws do not reflect a shre value system

  • but 3 class ideology
  • but 1 class ideology
  • but 2 class ideology

5. unable to achieve goals via socially legitimate goals

  • is strain theories
  • cultural theories
  • durkheim


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