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2. Conformity

  • reject legitimate means and goals ie. drug addicts
  • achieve means legitimately middle classed
  • give up trying to achieve goals but follow rules for own sake typical office workers
  • accept money as success but use theft or fraud to achieve it, pressure on those lower class

3. Merton there is a strain between the cultural that..... individuals to achieve and the..... structure of society alows them to achieve legitimately

  • legitimate opportinities and unlegitimate opportinities
  • Institutional structure + Encourages
  • Encourages + Institutional structure
  • fundermental + essential

4. Anomie according to Merton

  • normalness
  • is a strain or conflict
  • normlessness

5. Merton looked at

  • cultural factors
  • structural factors
  • structural and cultural factors


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