Mental, physical and social benefits of a healthy active lifestyle

Key words and definitions for the topic

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Self Esteem
Respect for ourself. How we value our own ability
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Aesthetic appreciation
To be able to see the beauty in a performance
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The range of movements at a joint
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Blood pressure
The force exerted by the heart as it pumps blood into the blood vessels
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Body composition
The percentage of body weight which is fat, muscle and bone
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Cardiovascular fitness
The ability to exercise the entire body for long periods of time
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The ability to work with others to complete an activity or task
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How well a task is completed
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The "feel good " hormone
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Mental challenge
To overcome something difficult by not giving up even though you want to
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Physical challenge
To complete a physical activity that is more difficult than previously achieved
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Muscular strength
The amount of force a muscle can exert against a resistance
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Aesthetic appreciation


To be able to see the beauty in a performance

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Blood pressure


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Body composition


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