Memory In Psychology

Key concepts
Input, Encoding, Storage, Retrieval, Output, Accessability, Availablity
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Core theory in memory?
The multi store model of memory
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Whats Displacement?
Not enough space for any more information
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Whats decay?
Information fades away
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Duration and capacity of Short Term Memory?
Duration: 10-20 Seconds Capacity: 7+ chunks
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Duration and capacity of Long Term Memory?
Duration: Unlimited Capacity: Unlimited
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Over emphasises the role of rehearsal, not all info in LTM has to be rehearsed, May remember somebodies name, MSM not a full explanation
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Alternative theory in memory?
Shallow processing & Deep processing
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Whats shallow processing?
When you dont think about the meaning of something e.g only the colour of a slogan not the meaning
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Whats deep processing?
Thinking about writing means, or what someone is saying
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Core study?
Terry's experiment
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Aim of terrys experiment?
To show a persons memory is affected by time and space
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Procedure of terrys experiment?
Recalling T.v commercials using the repeated measure design
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Findings of terrys experiment?
The commercial was recalled on where it was on the list not what the product was
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Conclusion of terrys experiment?
The commercials were affected by the serial position not by the meaning
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Criticms of terrys experiment?
lacks ecological validity, carried out in artificial setting, people watch commercials with a distraction, cant generalise the findings.
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Applications in memory?
Cues help trigger information, which was lost.
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Example of an application in memory?
A cue's example is the smell of plastercine can help remind you of something that happened in your childhood
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Core theory in memory?


The multi store model of memory

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Whats Displacement?


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Whats decay?


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Duration and capacity of Short Term Memory?


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