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2. what is the flow of information in memory

  • encoding --> storage --> retrieval
  • retrieval --> encoding -->storage
  • encoding --> retrieval -->storage
  • storage --> encoding -->retrieval

3. what is structural processing

  • thinking about the length of the words to be learnt
  • thinking about the sound of words to be learnt
  • thinking about the physical appearance of words to be learnt
  • thinking about the meaning of words to be learnt

4. how long will information stay in the long term memory store

  • forever
  • a few months
  • 10 years
  • 50 years

5. which of these is the definition of the primacy effect

  • using encoding to put information in the memory store
  • the first information received is recalled better than subsequent information
  • information received later in recalled better than earlier information
  • people that are younger have a smaller memory span than older people


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