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1. which of these are NOT a study on forgetting

  • Godden and Baddely / context and memory
  • Craik and Lockhart / Leading Questions
  • Underwood and Postman / new learning interfering with old info
  • Miller / Brain damage (case study not research)which
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2. what method can be used to store information in the short term memory store

  • repetition
  • chunking
  • memorising
  • encoding

3. what is semantic processing

  • thinking about the meaning of words to be learnt
  • thinking about the physical appearance of words to be learnt
  • thinking about the sound of words to be learnt
  • thinking about the length of words to be learnt

4. which three stores are part of the multi-store model of memory

  • long-term, short-term, sensory
  • energy, power, light
  • energy, long term, sensory
  • short term, energy, power

5. how large is the capacity of the long term memory store

  • infinate
  • 50 chunks
  • 70 chunks
  • 100+ chunks


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