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2. What is the function of the visuo spatial sketchpad in the working memory model?

  • To deal with visual tasks and tasks involving space
  • To deal with auditory tasks
  • To help us see
  • To help us draw

3. In what order do the three main stores of the multi store model go?

  • Sensory memory, short term memory, long term memory
  • Short term memory, sensory memory, long term memory
  • Long term memory, short term memory, sensory memory
  • Sensory memory, long term memory, short term memory

4. Which of these statements is incorrect?

  • Children make more mistakes than any other age group during eye witness testimony
  • Misleading information doesn't affect eye witness testimony
  • Older people make more mistakes a week after they have witnessed a crime
  • Eye witness testimony may be affected if a weapon was the focus of the crime

5. Which of these is a VERBAL mneumonic?

  • Mind map
  • Acrostic
  • Loci method
  • Keyword method


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