Memory Types Part 2 AQA A

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1. What is a type of interference effect?

  • All of them!
  • Learning material of a similar nature in one sitting
  • Retroactive : New info interferes with old
  • Proactive : Old info interferes with new
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2. What is a strength of the WMM?

  • Not much is known about the most important of the components
  • Articulatory control suppression makes us feel slugish
  • Baddeley et al's word length effect and pointer with F study
  • Richardson finds it hard to falsify, hard to test it's validity

3. Which of these is the best method of mnemonics?

  • Peg-word method
  • Sentences that mean words
  • Method of Loci
  • Abreviattions

4. Which of these is in the Phonological Loop?

  • Sensory memory
  • Episodic Buffer
  • Articulatory Control System
  • Visuo-spatial scratchpad

5. Who designed the Working Memory Model?

  • Money and Erhard
  • Baddeley and Hitch
  • Atkinson and Shiffrin
  • Peterson and peterson


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