Memory- psychology-UNIT 1

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1. Two evaluations about Murdock's study investigating the multi-store explaination of memory are...

  • The extraneous variables weren't controlled easily as it was a lab experiment meaning results were sometimes effected and made incorrect.
  • It was ethical as it had no potential harm, and it was a lab experiment therefore it had a high level of control.
  • It had a small sample size therefore was a good representation of the general population.
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2. What are the levels of processing?

  • Short term and long term
  • Structural, phonetic and semantic
  • Deep and shallow

3. What are the three basic processes in memory?

  • multi store memory
  • Encoding, Storage and Retrieval
  • Sensory, short term and long term

4. What was the aim of Peterson and Peterson study investigating the multi-store explanation of memory?

  • To see if the level at which information is processed has an effect on a person's memory
  • To see if rehearsal was necessary to hold information in the short term memory.
  • To provide support for the multi-store explaination of memory

5. What do we call knowledge we already know?

  • Stereotypes
  • Schemas
  • Building blocks


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