Memory- Cognitive psychology

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1. What is the method of LOCI?

  • Association between things you need to remember and locations
  • Locating stored information
  • Pegging a term to another word
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2. What was the increase in recall in Khonken's study on the cognitive interview?

  • 10%
  • 100%
  • 34%
  • 95%

3. Who proposed the MULTI-STORE MODEL?

  • Atkinson&Shiffrin
  • Cockroft&Cockroft
  • Baddely&Hitch
  • Goodman&Crystal

4. What one way can EWT be INACCURATE?

  • Police aren't well trained at recalling the info
  • Witnesses are politically motivated when recalling the events
  • Witnesses are often innacurate
  • EWT is usually a lie

5. What is EWT?

  • A special policing term
  • Where a witness is used to provide evidence in court
  • Where a witness draws what they saw so it can be used in court
  • A criminal act


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