Memory- Cognitive psychology

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1. What is the method of LOCI?

  • Pegging a term to another word
  • Association between things you need to remember and locations
  • Locating stored information
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2. Who proposed the MULTI-STORE MODEL?

  • Atkinson&Shiffrin
  • Cockroft&Cockroft
  • Baddely&Hitch
  • Goodman&Crystal

3. Anastasia&Rhodes came up with _________ bias

  • Own Age
  • Own Race
  • Own Friend
  • Own Accuracy

4. What is a criticism of Memory improvement strategies?

  • Don't work at all
  • Only work when remembering a list or order
  • Don't work for hard information
  • You need a high IQ to use them

5. What are the THREE types of memory?

  • Innate, Episodic, Long term
  • Sensory Memory, Short term memory & Long term memory
  • Visual, Discorsical, Semantic


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