Memory- Cognitive psychology

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  • Memories that last a long time
  • Visual& Auditory information (Basically anything we get from our five senses)
  • Practical memories
  • Memories that are very short
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Other questions in this quiz

2. How are things transferred to the LTM?

  • Recall
  • Writing it down
  • Rehersal
  • Magic

3. Which Psychologist studied VERY LONG TERM MEMORY, with photos from ppts yearbooks?

  • Bahrick et al.
  • Bex et al.
  • Mitchelson
  • Smith&Smith

4. Anastasia&Rhodes came up with _________ bias

  • Own Accuracy
  • Own Age
  • Own Friend
  • Own Race

5. What did PETERSON&PETERSON find?

  • Ppts given a nonsense trigram could recall up to 80% accurately after 3 seconds
  • Long term memory is theoretically permantent
  • Nonsense trigrams are hard to recall
  • Sensory memory is composed of the 5 senses


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