Memory- Cognitive psychology

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1. What one way can EWT be INACCURATE?

  • Police aren't well trained at recalling the info
  • Witnesses are often innacurate
  • EWT is usually a lie
  • Witnesses are politically motivated when recalling the events
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2. How long is the DURATION of the STM<M?

  • STM= 2 seconds LTM= 9 years
  • STM= Seconds and minuets LTM= Hrs, days and years
  • STM= 96 seconds LTM= 100 yrs

3. Anastasia&Rhodes came up with _________ bias

  • Own Age
  • Own Accuracy
  • Own Race
  • Own Friend


  • Memories that last a long time
  • Memories that are very short
  • Visual& Auditory information (Basically anything we get from our five senses)
  • Practical memories

5. Who proposed the MULTI-STORE MODEL?

  • Goodman&Crystal
  • Cockroft&Cockroft
  • Atkinson&Shiffrin
  • Baddely&Hitch


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