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2. What are the components of the WORKING MEMORY MODEL?

  • Voice, ears, nose and mouth
  • Central executive, Phonological loop, visuo-spatial sketchpad & episodic buffer

3. What TWO factors can influence the ACCURACY of EWT?

  • Relation to the victim&Age
  • Anxiety&Age
  • Age&Eyesight
  • Anxiety&Recall

4. How long is the DURATION of the STM<M?

  • STM= Seconds and minuets LTM= Hrs, days and years
  • STM= 96 seconds LTM= 100 yrs
  • STM= 2 seconds LTM= 9 years

5. What is the method of LOCI?

  • Association between things you need to remember and locations
  • Locating stored information
  • Pegging a term to another word


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