Memory and Perception

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1. A series of studies by Perrett et al. has demonstrated that percieved facial attractiveness is related to having a(n)

  • larger distance between nose and mouth
  • thinner jaw
  • average face
  • distinctive face
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2. Following the case of Daubert vs Merrell Dow Pharamaceuticals Inc (1993), a new ruling in the US stated that ___ would be responsible for determining the relevance, validity and reliability of scientific evidence in court

  • psychologists
  • expert witnesses
  • judges
  • police

3. The outcome of the Graf and Mandler study showed that:

  • effortful processing effects semantic memory more than episodic memory
  • H.M was able to learn simple memory tasks involving rote memorising
  • explicit memory, but not implicit memory is affected by shallow and deep processing of information
  • deliberate processing has a striking effect on implicit memory

4. If you wanted to make a white card look whiter you would place it

  • on a grey background
  • next to another white card placed on a darker background
  • on any background illuminated by bright sunlight
  • on a very bright white background

5. Which of the following words, when used in the question, "how fast were the cars going when one of them_____ into the other" would result in an eyewitness reporting the cars were going very fast?

  • bumped
  • smashed
  • hit
  • collided


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