Memory and Perception

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1. According to Baddeley, the capacity of the phonological loop is determined by how much information an individual can rehearse in....

  • 1 minute
  • 10 seconds
  • 2 seconds
  • 30 seconds
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2. The outcome of the Graf and Mandler study showed that:

  • H.M was able to learn simple memory tasks involving rote memorising
  • deliberate processing has a striking effect on implicit memory
  • explicit memory, but not implicit memory is affected by shallow and deep processing of information
  • effortful processing effects semantic memory more than episodic memory

3. The type of memory that has the shortest duration is called ------ memory

  • sensory
  • short-term
  • episodic
  • perceptual

4. One of the stories used in the study by Bartlett (1932) is called

  • the war of the ghosts
  • the Indian brave
  • the hunting party
  • from Euglac to Kalama

5. The removal of part of H.M's temporal lobe seems to have interfered with his _____ memory but not with his _____ memory

  • semantic, episodic
  • implicit, explicit
  • explicit, implicit
  • procedural, declarative


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