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2. Which of the following was not cited in the text as an example of the strong positive effects of odour on behaviour:

  • creation of a more favourable impression of a formally dressed female job candidate at interview
  • Enhanced recall of verbal material when odour is presented at encoding and retrieval
  • an increase in charitable behaviour
  • increased genital arousal of women exposed to male cologne during a specific stage of the menstrual cycle

3. You are experiencing a great deal of difficulty learning your new telephone number. The number you keep remembering is your old one. The recall for your new number is impaired by

  • proactive interference
  • retroactive interference
  • decay
  • motivated forgetting

4. Which of the following is not a cognitive process involved in memory?

  • encoding
  • retrieval
  • percieving
  • storage

5. Following the case of Daubert vs Merrell Dow Pharamaceuticals Inc (1993), a new ruling in the US stated that ___ would be responsible for determining the relevance, validity and reliability of scientific evidence in court

  • judges
  • police
  • psychologists
  • expert witnesses


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