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2. The primacy effect occurs because the words presented earlier in a list of words...

  • stay in short term memory
  • are generally the easier ones to memorise
  • have more opportunity to be rehearsed than words later in the list
  • are represented in both short-term and episodic memory

3. Following the case of Daubert vs Merrell Dow Pharamaceuticals Inc (1993), a new ruling in the US stated that ___ would be responsible for determining the relevance, validity and reliability of scientific evidence in court

  • expert witnesses
  • judges
  • psychologists
  • police

4. Tootell et al (1995) asked people to watch a series of concentric rings moving outwards. When the rings suddenly stopped moving ppts. reported seeing:

  • no movement
  • continued movement in an inward direction
  • continued movement in an outward direction
  • waves of movement, inward and outward

5. If you wanted to make a white card look whiter you would place it

  • next to another white card placed on a darker background
  • on any background illuminated by bright sunlight
  • on a grey background
  • on a very bright white background


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