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format in which information is stored
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amount of information that can be held in a memory store
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length of time information can be held in memory
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limited capacity memory store. acoustic coding, 7+-2, 18-30 seconds
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permanent memory store, semantic coding, unlimited capacity and duration
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multi store model
sensory, stm + ltm
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sensory register
memory stores for senses. huge capacity and
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episodic memory
long term memory store for personal events
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semantic memory
long term memory store for knowledge of the world
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procedural memory
long term memory store for knowledge of how to do things
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working memory model
representation of stm. suggests that stm is a dynamic processor of different types of info using sub units coordinated by a central decision making system
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central executive
coordinates activities of sub systems and allocates processing resources
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phonological loop
processes info in terms of sound (phonological store and articulatory process)
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visuo-spatial sketchpad
processes visual and spatial information
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episodic buffer
brings together material from other sub systems into a single memory and a bridge between working memory and long term memory
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forgetting because one memory blocks another, causing one or both memories to be distorted or forgotten
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proactive interference
older memories disrupting recall of newer memories
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retroactive interference
newer memories disrupting recall of older memories
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retrieval failure
when we don't have the necessary cues to access memory
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trigger of information that allows us to access a memory
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ability of people to remember details of events
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misleading information
incorrect information given to EW usually after event
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leading question
suggests a certain answer through phrasing
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post-event discussion
discussion between more than one witness of an event
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cognitive interview
method of interviewing witnesses to help them retrieve more accurate memories
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