Medicine in c1350

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1. what did people believe about illness in the 12th century?

  • their was a scientific explanation
  • God made them ill because he was displeased or tested them.
  • something was wrong in their bodies
  • they were poisened
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2. who was the housewife physician?

  • a woman who had gone to university.
  • the lord of the manor.
  • a village 'wise woman' or lady of the manor.
  • any woman in the village.

3. what did the monks and nuns use to run hospitals?

  • public donations.
  • government money.
  • church donations.
  • the money payed by the patients.

4. what did physicians check?

  • pulse,skin colour and urine (colour/taste)
  • hearing,sight,smell,taste.
  • body shape.
  • temperature.

5. what did the church discourage?

  • practical research
  • learning at universities
  • dissection
  • reading


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