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2. what did a barber surgeon do?

  • bloodletting,amputating limbs, pulling out teeth,lancing boils.
  • dealt with childbirth and common illnesses.
  • just cut hair.
  • cared for the elderly and poor.

3. how is an apothecary different to a physician?

  • they were considered witches.
  • they receive training but no medical qualifications.
  • they were part of the church.
  • they are women.

4. who was the housewife physician?

  • a woman who had gone to university.
  • the lord of the manor.
  • a village 'wise woman' or lady of the manor.
  • any woman in the village.

5. where did the four humours originate?

  • Renaissance times
  • Roman times
  • Ancient Greek times
  • Medieval times


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