Media Theories & Issues and Debates

A quiz designed to test your knowledge of the theories & Issues and Debates that are relevant for the A2 paper.

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1. Dyer (1979) suggested which of the following about stereotyping

  • It reduces the complexity and variety of a group to a few characteristics
  • that not all elements of them are false
  • Women are stereotyped as passive objects
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2. Dyer also had a theory in which of these topics?

  • Celebrities
  • Moral Panics
  • Feminism

3. Structuralism: 'When a series of actions allow the audience to follow the details of the plot, allowing them to become absorbed in the narrative'. This is...

  • Symbolic Codes
  • Action codes
  • Enigmatic codes

4. Structuralism: Barthes (1974) argued that narrative codes are identifiable across a range of media products.

  • True
  • False

5. According to semiotics, Sassure (1916) suggest there are three levels on which we read media products. The first level is...

  • Syntactic Level
  • Signalisational Level
  • Cultural Level
  • Symbolic Level
  • Stereotypical Level
  • Synaptic Level
  • Representational Level


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