Media Theories & Issues and Debates

A quiz designed to test your knowledge of the theories & Issues and Debates that are relevant for the A2 paper.

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1. Who argued that the meaning audiences place on celebrities is linked to the pleasure gained through fantasising about escaping the confines of their own lives?

  • Stacey (1994)
  • Dyer (2004)
  • Chomsky and Herman (1988)
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2. Post Colonialism is...

  • Concerned with the changing representation of ethnicities in the media
  • Concerned with the representation of homosexuals and how this is usually limited by the media
  • Concerned with the cumulative effect of engaging with a variety of media products

3. Liberal Pluralism...

  • Suggests the idea that government contrainsts and concerns don't limit the inclusiveness of the media
  • suggests the idea that media products are subject to the wishes of the audience
  • suggests the idea that the media manipulates the audience to prevent rebellion

4. A moral panic

  • Conveys representaions
  • Develops in three stages
  • Is not part of a theory

5. Medurst (1995) suggested that...

  • Stereotypes are about power, with those whose are in power stereotyping those without power
  • Stereotypes can be seen as a type of media shorthand so that texts can communicate information to the audience quickly
  • a stereotype can be created and controlled by the identified social group


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