Media Theories & Issues and Debates

A quiz designed to test your knowledge of the theories & Issues and Debates that are relevant for the A2 paper.

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1. Structuralism 'whena plot is structured around a series of questions to maintain the audiences' interest in the product'. This is...

  • Enigmatic codes
  • Action codes
  • Symbolic codes
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2. Regulation and Censorship can link to...

  • The effect of Globalisation
  • News Values
  • Media Effects

3. The post-feminist theory, Butler (1995) argued that gender is physically rather than socially construed

  • False- the opposite is true
  • True- gender roles were found to be uninfluenced by the media

4. Structuralism: 'this involves identifying the product's major structuring themes, they are often expressed as binary opposites'. This is...

  • Symbolic codes
  • Enigmatic codes
  • Action codes

5. How many issues and debates are there?

  • 10
  • 7
  • 8
  • 11


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