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1. The desensitisation explanation of media influence on anti-social behaviour does NOT argue that...

  • People are less sensitive and responsive to violence the more violence that they watch
  • Regular watching of TV violence decreases arousal
  • An aggressive response comes from a misinterpretation of high arousal from watching violence as coming from the provocation
  • Regular watchers of TV violence lose natural reactions to deter aggression
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2. Which explanation of media influence on anti-social behaviour does Bandura's Social Learning Theory relate to principally?

  • Desensitisation
  • Arousal
  • Imitation
  • Cognitive Priming

3. In Petty, Cacioppo and Goldman's study (81), persuasion for ppts using central route depended on...

  • Medium of argument
  • Quality of argument
  • Source of argument
  • Memorableness of argument

4. The social modelling explanation of media influence on pro-social behaviour argues that...

  • Children whose parents watch with them and help to explain and model behaviour will show more pro-social behaviour
  • We pick up pro-social behaviour from watching our peers
  • Children learn appropriate behaviours through vicarious reinforcement
  • There is a general learning model, a continuous cycle of interaction between the environment and an individual

5. Which model states that people who have aggressive temperaments preferentially select violent video games?

  • Byron model
  • General aggression model
  • Bi-directional model
  • General learning model


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