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1. Weber (06) found that...

  • The amygdala and ACC (responsible for emotional regulation) were less active in gamers according to fMRI scans
  • Children with high exposure to violent game play became more aggressive and showed less pro-social behaviour over the course of a school year compared to their peers
  • We have hostile expectancy biases - people expect others to react in a more hostile way if they've just played violent video games
  • Time spent playing violent video games was positively correlated with aggressive feelings and behaviour even for those with lower levels of trait hostility
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2. Studies with significant results i.e. where a link or effect is found, are much more likely to be printed in journals and reported. Which issue is this describing?

  • Ethnocentrism
  • Publication bias
  • Low ecological validity
  • Temporal bias

3. Whose research suggested that computer and video gaming might have physical benefits (through increased exercise e.g. active bowling on the Wii)?

  • Anderson and Bushman
  • Mellecker
  • Gentile and Anderson
  • Weber

4. The desensitisation explanation of media influence on anti-social behaviour does NOT argue that...

  • Regular watchers of TV violence lose natural reactions to deter aggression
  • People are less sensitive and responsive to violence the more violence that they watch
  • An aggressive response comes from a misinterpretation of high arousal from watching violence as coming from the provocation
  • Regular watching of TV violence decreases arousal

5. Who found a positive correlation between viewing violent TV as a child and adult aggression (as reported by a friend)?

  • Huesmann (03)
  • Cumberbatch (2000)
  • Heymann (89)
  • Phillips (83)


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