Media influences on Addictive Behaviour

A little quiz on the researches in the sub topic "Media influences on addictive behaviour"

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1. Who found that "youths who saw the campaign ads took from them the message that their peers were using marijuana, and where then more likely to imitate marijuana use themselves"

  • Johnson et al (2002)
  • Boyd (2008)
  • Byrne (1997)
  • Hornik et al (2008)
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2. What did Sargent and Hanewinkel (2009) Find?

  • OSAP the ethical guideline for movies is not followed by movie makers and they infact glamourise movies
  • That films frequently do represent the negative consequences of alcohol and drug dependance.
  • that of his participants who had no smoked when he had first surveyed them, exposure to movie smoking over the following year was a strong and significant predicator iof whether they had begun a year later.
  • concluded that portrayal of drug use tended to be positive and the dangers of associated behaviors such as unprotected sex were not considered.

3. What was Waylen et al's (2011) research findings?

  • Found Teenagers who watched films showing actors smoking were more likely to start smoking
  • Found that the campaign instead of acomplishing its goal may of lead to delayed unfavourale effeects to be precise increased use of marijuana.
  • Found improvement in alchohol related knowledge in one group when comparing two
  • Found interventiion group was more successful than a control group in achieving low risk.

4. Who found this "140 Scenes, 47 films, drugs and sex contrasted the dullness of everyday life"

  • Sargent + Hanewinkel (2009)
  • Bennet et al (1997)
  • Sulkunen (2007)
  • Bryne (1997)

5. Who studied the $1 Billion US National Youth Anti-Drug Media Compaign

  • Hornik et al (2008)
  • Black et al (2006)
  • Waylen et al (2011)
  • Eysenck et al (1967)


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