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Often used at the start of a film it shows us where we are
establishing shot/wide shot
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the camera moves towards a person or object
tighten (zoom in)
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the camera moves outwards from the person or object
pull back (zoom out)
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series of images - like photos
static shots
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the camera moves horizontally (side to side) from one person or object to another
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the camera moves vertically (up or down)
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different ways of holding the camera to stop it from shaking and helping it move smoothly
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what does mise-en-scene involve
location, set design, costume, props, dialogue, lighting, sound effect(SFX), sound track, voice over
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sound that doesn't belong to the world of film
diagetic sound
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examples of diagetic sound
music (if you cant see it), voiceover, graphics, animation, CGI, pyrotechnic, stunt, slow motion
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tells story in order
linear narratives
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provides flash backs and flash forwards
non linear narrative
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appearance and behaviour characteristics associated with lower and upper classes
accent, work, costume, mannerism, home, label, culture, lifestyle, education, apperance, health
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appearance and behavious characteristics associated with gender
occuption, colour, posture, social environment, hobby, emotion, behaviour, appearance, costume, family status, sex
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how are old people labelled?
grumpy, mentally challenged, dependent, burden, enjoying 2nd childhood
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how are childern labelled?
victims of crimes, cute, little devils, brilliant, bave little angels accessories, modern, active consumers
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how are ethnical people labelled?
criminals, threat, dependent, abnormal, unimportant, invisable.
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tighten (zoom in)


the camera moves towards a person or object

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pull back (zoom out)


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static shots


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