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Structural Factors- Owners
Direct orders, journalists avoid conflict with bosses, "sun king"
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Structural Factors- Globalisation
McLuhan= global village + new media
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Structural Factors- Time + Space
Deadlines, long journey
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Structural Factors- Journalists
Econmic factor- wages
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Structural Factors- Drive for profit
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Ideological Factors- Agenda-setting + Gatekeepers
"Outfoxed"=editors, journalists + producers manipulate news
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Ideological Factors- Norm Setting
Encourages conformist behaviour
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Ideological Factors- News Values
Galtung + Ruge (1965)= criteria EG, negativity Harcup + O'Neil (2001)= similar criteria
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Ideological Factors- Churnalism
Davies (2008)= 80% of leading newspapers were partially made up or second hand material
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Ideological Factors- Moral Panics
Cohen (1967)=mods + rockers GMG (2011)=disability
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Other influencing factors- New Social Media
Newsgathering, audience engagement, new platform for content
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Presentation of News- A01
Physical position, order of news bulletins, clips + interviews
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Presentation of News- A03
Chandler (1994)= Hightech-well researched, News-objective, outdated
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Theories= Marxist
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Theories= Pluralist
What the audience want to see
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Theories= PoMo
Citizen Journalism
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McLuhan= global village + new media


Structural Factors- Globalisation

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Deadlines, long journey


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Econmic factor- wages


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