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2. What is a benefit of using the colour red in the Tide advert?

  • It looks comical
  • Suggests blood
  • Longest visual distance
  • It looks like the Marvel logo

3. What is the term for the literal interpretation of a media text?

  • Connotation
  • Denotation
  • Binary Opposition
  • Gratification

4. What are the 5 Genre Codes

  • Technical,Setting,Narrative,Characters,Action
  • Setting,Iconography,Narrative,Characters,Technical
  • Iconography,Action,Semantic,Setting,Characters
  • Setting,Iconography,Technical,Characters,Symbolic

5. What is the theory of semiotics?

  • Signs in Conventions
  • Signs in Codes
  • Symbols in Codes
  • Codes and Conventions


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