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What are the key things to remember for audience?
Theorists, structure, viewpoint and audience readings
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Who are the theorists?
Todrov, Propp, Strauss and Barthes
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What does Todrov say?
That there is a equilibrium, disequilibrium and a new equilibrium in a story.
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What is the equilibrium?
Beginning - things are going fine
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What is the disequilibrium?
Middle - disruption to the equilibrium, something going wrong
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What is the new equilibrium?
End - disequilibrium sorted, everything is going fine
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What does Propp say?
That there is a set of characters that will play a specific role in the story - these roles are compulsory as they provide a structure to follow. E.g. Hero = main character, villain = opposition, donor = assists the hero
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What does Strauss say?
Binary oppositions - sets of opposites that reflect the difference between good and bad. E.g. Good/Bad, male/female, ability/disability, love/hate, black/white
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What does Barthes say?
That a text could be either be 'open' = multiple meanings, or 'closed' = one meaning
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What are the different structure types?
Linear, episodic and circular
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Explain linear
Narrative in the order events happen
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Explain episodic
Broken down into chunks to show different parts at different times
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Explain circular
The beginning of the film starts at the end
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What are the different viewpoints?
Omniscient and restricted
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Explain the omniscient viewpoint
Audience knows more than the character
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Explain the restricted viewpoint
Audience knows as much as the character
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What are the different audience readings?
Preferred, negotiated and oppositional
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Explain preferred
Media produces hope that the audience will understand
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Explain negotiated
The audience in the middle, don't know what to believe
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Explain oppositional
Audience don't understand anything
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Who are the theorists?


Todrov, Propp, Strauss and Barthes

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What does Todrov say?


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What is the equilibrium?


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What is the disequilibrium?


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